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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3 and ISIC Rev.2

586 records found
ISIC Rev.3ISIC Rev.2PartDetail 
31903824*Manufacture of apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis, electrophoresis
 3829*Manufacture of dishwashing machines, except household type
 3831*Manufacture of electric ignition or starting equipment for internal combustion engines; electromagnetic clutches and brakes; electric timing, controll
 3832*Manufacture of visual and sound signalling and traffic control apparatus
 3839*Manufacture of motor vehicle lighting equipment; carbon and graphite electrodes; other electrical equipment n.e.c.
 3843*Manufacture of electric windshield wipers, defrosters
 3851*Manufacture of accelerators (cyclotrons, betatrons); mine detectors
32103831*Manufacture of capacitors except fixed and variable electronic capacitorsC
 3832*Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components including fixed and variable electronic capacitorsC
32203832*Manufacture of television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy
32303832*Manufacture of television and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus and associated goods
33113812*Manufacture of medical, surgical, dental furniture and fixtures
 3829*Manufacture of beauty parlour and barber sterilizersC
 3832*Manufacture of X-ray apparatus; electrotherapeutic apparatus
 3851*Manufacture of surgical, medical, dental equipment, instruments and supplies; orthopaedic and prosthetic appliances
 3852*Manufacture of ophthalmic instrumentsC
 9331*Manufacture of prosthetic appliances, artificial teeth made to order
33123811*Manufacture of levels, plumb lines, protractors, squares, and other precision measuring toolsC
 3823*Manufacture of machinists' measuring toolsC
 3832*Manufacture of radar equipment, radio remote control apparatus
 3851*Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring and controlling equipment, except industrial process control equipment
 3852*Manufacture of scientific measuring instrumentsC
33133851*Manufacture of industrial process control equipment
33203620*Manufacture of optical fibres and cables, unsheathedC
 3852*Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment
33303853 Manufacture of watches and clocks
 3901*Manufacture of watch bands and bracelets of precious metal; jewels for watches
34103843*Manufacture of motor vehicles
 3849*Manufacture of motorized caddy carsC
34203813*Manufacture of metal plate tanks designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport (e.g. trucks)C
 3829*Manufacture of industrial trailers; containers
 3843*Manufacture of motor vehicle bodies; trailers, semi-trailers; trailer parts
34303560*Manufacture of plastic grills and fenders for automobilesC
 3843*Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines
35113559*Manufacture of inflatable rafts (rubber)
 3813*Manufacture of metal sections for ships and barges
 3824*Manufacture of floating drilling platforms, oil rigs
 3841*Building and repairing of ships (other than sport and pleasure boats) and specialized parts
 3845*Building of hovercraft
35123559*Manufacture of inflatable boats (rubber)

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