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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3 and ISIC Rev.2

586 records found
ISIC Rev.3ISIC Rev.2PartDetail 
29223831*Manufacture of electric welding equipment
29233823*Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy
 3824*Manufacture of smelting and refining machineryC
29243824*Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
 3829*Manufacture of material handling equipmentC
29253822*Manufacture of machinery for primary processing of agricultural products other than food, beverage and tobacco processingC
 3824*Manufacture of special industrial machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processingC
29263824*Manufacture of textile machinery
 3829*Manufacture of sewing machines; washing, laundry, dry-cleaning, pressing machines
 3909*Manufacture of needles for knitting, sewing machines
29273529*Manufacture of explosives and ammunition
 3829*Manufacture of small arms and accessories, heavy ordnance and artillery; tanks
29293559*Manufacture of rubber printing typeC
 3819*Manufacture of metallic and metal-faced typeC
 3823*Manufacture of moulds for metal
 3824*Manufacture of printing trade machinery; paper industry machinery; machines for man-made textile fibres or yarns, glass-working, tile-making
 3829*Manufacture of centrifugal clothes driers
 3851*Manufacture of special purpose machinery n.e.c.
29303813*Manufacture of sheet metal range hoodsC
 3819*Manufacture of non-electric domestic stoves and space heaters
 3829*Manufacture of domestic cooking ranges, refrigerators, laundry machines
 3833 Manufacture of electrical appliances and housewares
30003825*Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery
 3852*Manufacture of photo-copying machines
31103831*Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers
 3832*Manufacture of radio transformers
31203831*Manufacture of switch gear and switchboard apparatus; electricity distribution equipment
 3832*Manufacture of semi-conductor circuits
 3839*Manufacture of switches, fuses, sockets, plugs, conductors, lightning arresters
31303839*Manufacture of insulated wire and cable
31403559*Manufacture of battery separators, containers, parts, boxes, etc., of rubberC
 3560*Manufacture of battery separators, containers, parts, boxes, etc., of plasticC
 3839*Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries
31503812*Manufacture of metal lamps
 3819*Manufacture of metal lighting equipment and parts, except for use on cycle and motor equipment
 3839*Manufacture of electric lamps, fixtures
 3909*Manufacture of electric signsC
31903620*Manufacture of glass insulating fittings
 3699*Manufacture of graphite products
 3819*Manufacture of bicycle lighting equipment

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