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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.2 and ISIC Rev.3

586 records found
ISIC Rev.2ISIC Rev.3PartDetail 
38112915*Manufacture of jacks, block and tackleC
 2921*Manufacture of hand lawn mowersC
 3312*Manufacture of levels, plumb lines, protractors, squares, and other precision measuring toolsC
 3699*Manufacture of vacuum containers
38122899*Manufacture of metal goods for office use (excluding furniture)
 3150*Manufacture of metal lamps
 3311*Manufacture of medical, surgical, dental furniture and fixtures
 3610*Manufacture of furniture and fixtures of metal
38132811 Manufacture of structural metal products
 2812*Manufacture of metal reservoirs and tanks for storage and manufacturing use; central heating boilers
 2813*Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilersC
 2899*Manufacture of furnace casings, laundry trays, and similar sheet metal productsC
 2930*Manufacture of sheet metal range hoodsC
 3420*Manufacture of metal plate tanks designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport (e.g. trucks)C
 3511*Manufacture of metal sections for ships and barges
38192710*Manufacture of pipe fittings of iron and steel
 2720*Manufacture of pipe fittings of non-ferrous metal; non-ferrous wire and cable from purchased rod
 2812*Manufacture of radiators, metal containers for compressed and liquefied gas
 2891*Pressing, stamping of metal products
 2892*Treatment and coating of metal (e.g. plating, polishing, engraving, welding), on a fee or contract basis
 2899*Manufacture of metal fasteners, springs, containers, wire articles, metal sanitary ware (e.g. sinks), kitchen ware, safes, picture frames, headgear
 2912*Manufacture of plumbers' valves, brass goods
 2914*Manufacture of non-electrical metal furnaces, stoves, and other space heaters
 2919*Manufacture of domestic fuel oil filters and cartridges, portable lawn sprinklers, chill coils; and manufacture, repair and servicing of fire extinguiC
 2921*Manufacture of metal incubators for poultry, livestock and other agricultural purposesC
 2929*Manufacture of metallic and metal-faced typeC
 2930*Manufacture of non-electric domestic stoves and space heaters
 3150*Manufacture of metal lighting equipment and parts, except for use on cycle and motor equipment
 3190*Manufacture of bicycle lighting equipment
 3699*Manufacture of hand sifting or screening apparatusC
38212911*Manufacture of engines and turbines
38222912*Manufacture of windmills for pumping waterC
 2915*Manufacture of loaders, stackers, farm elevators, etcC
 2921*Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery other than power driven agricultural hand toolsC
 2922*Manufacture of power-driven agricultural hand toolsC
 2925*Manufacture of machinery for primary processing of agricultural products other than food, beverage and tobacco processingC
38232893*Manufacture of attachments and accessories for machine tools (whether or not power-operated)
 2922*Manufacture of machine tools, attachments and accessories for metal and woodworking machinery (non-electric)
 2923*Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy
 2929*Manufacture of moulds for metal

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