Registry types


A ruling denotes a change to the official text describing a classification. It generally begins as an open query regarding assignment of the correct classification code using the existing tools such as explanatory notes, indexes or correspondence tables; or as a proposal. Changes to explanatory notes, even without change to the boundaries of the classification, are included here.


Assignment of a correct classification code within the existing boundaries of a classification using the existing tools such as explanatory notes, indexes or correspondence tables.


Specific Suggestion made for a re-specification of the dividing lines in a classification. An accepted proposal may be recorded as a Ruling or Correction.

Under Discussion (VCF)

This entry was reserved for items while they were being discussed in the Virtual Classifications Forum (VCF). If a decision was reached, the type would change to "interpretation", "Ruling" or other appropriate types. *The VCF is currently not active.*


Errors made in the construction of a classification, the explanatory definitions of its categories and the associated coding tools. E.g. an obvious mistake in spelling, references, etc.


This category covers entries that are not easily placed in other categories. This could include remarks on certain applications, reports on uses of classifications or outcomes of independent discussions or meetings. They may not have an immediate impact on the classification in question, but are recorded for future use.


Entries in this category provide information on developments in classifications work without carrying the character of a proposal or decision. This could include status reports on work progress etc.


Agreement reached arising out of Expert Group or Technical Subgroup Meetings concerning specific action/s to be undertaken regarding the classifications, e.g. Agreement on how to publish the information sector in ISIC.

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