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Registry entry #3472

ID: 3472
Type: Correction
Last updated: 1/26/2012
Request from: UNSD

Correction of explanatory note for ISIC Rev.4 division 51


Decision: The first sentence of the second paragraph reads: "This division excludes the overhaul of aircraft or aircraft engines (see class 3315) and ...".

The word "overhaul" should be replaced with "repair". The overhaul of aircraft and aircraft engines would be classified in class 3030, but is less relevant as an exclusion in this context.

The correct text should then read:
"This division excludes the repair of aircraft or aircraft engines (see class 3315) and ..."

[This corrects a typo in the second paragraph of the previous version of this Registry entry.]

This registry entry refers to the following classifications and codes:

  ISIC Rev.4 3315
  ISIC Rev.4 51