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Detailed structure and explanatory notes

COFOG code 08.1.0

Structure   Notes

  • Division: 08 - Recreation, culture and religion
  • Group: 08.1 - Recreational and sporting services
  • Class: 08.1.0 - Recreational and sporting services (IS)

Explanatory note

- Provision of sporting and recreational services; administration of sporting and recreational affairs; supervision and regulation of sporting facilities;
- operation or support of facilities for active sporting pursuits or events (playing fields, tennis courts, squash courts, running tracks, golf courses, boxing rings, skating rinks, gymnasia, etc.); operation or support of facilities for passive sporting pursuits or events (chiefly specially equipped venues for playing cards, board games, etc.); operation or support of facilities for recreational pursuits (parks, beaches, camping grounds and associated lodging places furnished on a non-commercial basis, swimming pools, public baths for washing, etc.);
- grants, loans or subsidies to support teams or individual competitors or players.
Includes: facilities for spectator accommodation; national, regional or local team representation in sporting events.
Excludes: zoological or botanical gardens, aquaria, arboreta and similar institutions (08.2.0); sporting and recreational facilities associated with educational institutions (classified to the appropriate class of Division 09).

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