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Detailed structure and explanatory notes

COFOG code 02.1.0

Structure   Notes

  • Division: 02 - Defence
  • Group: 02.1 - Military defence
  • Class: 02.1.0 - Military defence (CS)

Explanatory note

- Administration of military defence affairs and services;
- operation of land, sea, air and space defence forces; operation of engineering, transport, communication, intelligence, personnel and other non-combat defence forces; operation or support of reserve and auxiliary forces of the defence establishment.
Includes: offices of military attachés stationed abroad; field hospitals.
Excludes: military aid missions (02.3.0); base hospitals (07.3); military schools and colleges where curricula resemble those of civilian institutions even though attendance may be limited to military personnel and their families (09.1), (09.2), (09.3) or (09.4); pension schemes for military personnel (10.2).

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