Detailed structure and explanatory notes

ISIC Rev.4 code 0113


  • Section: A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Division: 01 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
  • Group: 011 - Growing of non-perennial crops
  • Class: 0113 - Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers

Explanatory note

This class includes:
- growing of leafy or stem vegetables such as:
· artichokes
· asparagus
· cabbages
· cauliflower and broccoli
· lettuce and chicory
· spinach
· other leafy or stem vegetables
- growing of fruit bearing vegetables such as:
· cucumbers and gherkins
· eggplants (aubergines)
· tomatoes
· watermelons
· cantaloupes
· other melons and fruit-bearing vegetables
- growing of root, bulb or tuberous vegetables such as:
· carrots
· turnips
· garlic
· onions (incl. shallots)
· leeks and other alliaceous vegetables
· other root, bulb or tuberous vegetables
- growing of mushrooms and truffles
- growing of vegetable seeds, except beet seeds
- growing of sugar beet
- growing of other vegetables
- growing of roots and tubers such as:
· potatoes
· sweet potatoes
· cassava
· yams
· other roots and tubers

This class excludes:
- growing of mushroom spawn, see 0130
- growing of chilies and peppers (capsicum spp.) and other spices and aromatic crops, see 0128

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