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Detailed structure and explanatory notes

CPC Ver.2 code 39110

Structure   Notes

  • Section: 3 - Other transportable goods, except metal products, machinery and equipment
  • Division: 39 - Wastes or scraps
  • Group: 391 - Wastes from food and tobacco industry
  • Class: 3911 - Raw offal, inedible (including pigs' bristles, horse hair, animal guts, bird skins, feathers, bones and ivory)
  • Subclass: 39110 - Raw offal, inedible (including pigs' bristles, horse hair, animal guts, bird skins, feathers, bones and ivory)

Explanatory note

This subclass includes:
- pigs', hogs' and boars bristles and hairs (including waste), whether or not dyed or bleached
- bristles and hairs of horses and other animals
- guts, bladders and stomachs of animals other than fish, whole or in pieces
- tripes, inedible
- skins and other parts of birds, with their feathers and down, not further worked than cleaned, disinfected or treated for preservation
- feather powder and waste
- bones, horns, hooves, teeth, turtle shells, ivory and the like, unworked or simply prepared (but not cut to shape), including powder and waste
- dead animals, unfit for human consumption
- other animal products used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products
- other animal products, unfit for human consumtion, such as:
· blood (dried, liquid, meal or powder)
· sinews and tendons
· insect eggs
· maggots, chrysalis
· dried worms
· furskin waste

This subclass does not include:
- semen:
· bovine, cf. 02411
· other, cf. 02419
- embryos, cf. 02420
- natural sponges of aquatic animal origin, cf. 04920
- tripes, edible, cf. 21151 - 21156
- guts, bladders and stomachs of fish, cf. 21299

This code corresponds to the following:
CPC V1.1 code(s) 02962
CPC V1.1 code(s) 39110
HS 2007 code(s) 0502.10
HS 2007 code(s) 0502.90
HS 2007 code(s) 0504.00
HS 2007 code(s) 0505.10
HS 2007 code(s) 0505.90
HS 2007 code(s) 0506.10
HS 2007 code(s) 0506.90
HS 2007 code(s) 0507.10
HS 2007 code(s) 0507.90
HS 2007 code(s) 0510.00
HS 2007 code(s) 0511.99
ISIC Rev.4 code(s) n/a

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