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Detailed structure and explanatory notes

CPC Ver.2 code 21499

Structure   Notes

  • Section: 2 - Food products, beverages and tobacco; textiles, apparel and leather products
  • Division: 21 - Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats
  • Group: 214 - Prepared and preserved fruit and nuts
  • Class: 2149 - Other prepared and preserved fruit and nuts (except by sugar)
  • Subclass: 21499 - Other prepared and preserved fruit and nuts, n.e.c.

Explanatory note

This subclass includes:
- prepared or preserved fruits, nuts and other edible parts of plants, whether or not sweetened, where the method of preparation or preservation may be:
· sterilization
· osmotic dehydration
· canning or other airtight packaging
· by vinegar or acetic acids
· other methods, but not by sugar, freezing, simple drying or in jams, jellies and pastes

Examples of fruits, nuts and other edible plant parts included above are:
- apples
- apricots
- bananas
- cherries
- citrus fruits
- fruit mixtures
- palm hearts
- pears
- raisins
- strawberries

This subclass also includes:
- apricot, peach, plum and cherry stones and kernels
- apple and pear pips
- melon seeds
- pollen

This subclass does not contain:
- carob seeds, cf. 01391
- dried fruit, cf. 2141
- mixtures of nuts:
· dried, cf. 21419
· otherwise prepared or preserved, except by sugar, cf. 21495
- peel f citrus fruit or melon, fresh, frozen, dried or provisionally preserved in brine, sulphur water or other preservative solutions, cf. 21496
- provisionally preserved fruits, fruit peel and nuts, not for immediate consumption, cf. 21496
- fruits, nuts, fruit-peel and other parts of plants, preserved by sugar, cf. 23670

This code corresponds to the following:
CPC V1.1 code(s) 01990
CPC V1.1 code(s) 21390
CPC V1.1 code(s) 21550
CPC V1.1 code(s) 21560
HS 2007 code(s) 1212.99
HS 2007 code(s) 2001.90
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.30
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.40
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.50
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.60
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.80
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.91
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.92
HS 2007 code(s) 2008.99
ISIC Rev.4 code(s) 1030

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