Detailed structure and explanatory notes

Trial ICATUS code 14

Structure   Notes

  • Major Division: 14 - Mass media


This Major Division is divided into the following Divisions:

  • 141 - Core activities: time spent using mass media
  • 142 - Related activities: visiting library
  • 143 - Travel related to mass media
  • 149 - Mass media n.e.c.

Explanatory note

- Reading (not strictly in relation to work, learning)
- Watching/listening to television and video
- Listening to radio and other audio devices
- Use of computer technology (not strictly for work, learning, household management, shopping)
- Going to the library (not strictly for work, learning)
- Travel to and from places

Exclusions: Mass media use strictly in relation to work, learning, household management, shopping, is classified under the specific divisions in major divisions 01-05, 06 and 09.

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