Detailed structure and explanatory notes

Trial ICATUS code 09

Structure   Notes

  • Major Division: 09 - Learning


This Major Division is divided into the following Divisions:

  • 091 - Core activities: time spent in learning activities
  • 092 - Related activities: other activities carried out in relation to learning activities
  • 093 - Travel related to learning
  • 099 - Learning activities n.e.c.

Explanatory note

- Attendance of classes at all levels of instruction: pre-primary, primary, secondary, technical and vocational, higher education, extra or make up classes
- Literacy and other special programmes for handicapped children, adults, and other groups who have no opportunity to attend school
- Completing homework assignments, private studies, research, studying for examinations in relation to courses
- Attending short-term courses, seminars etc. in relation to one’s own professional development
- Travel to and from classes and school activities.

Exclusion: Training and studies in relation to a current job is classified under specific divisions in major divisions 01-05; courses related to hobbies, sports are classified under respective divisions in major divisions 12 and 13.

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