Detailed structure and explanatory notes

Trial ICATUS code 04

Structure   Notes

  • Major Division: 04 - Work for household in construction activities


This Major Division is divided into the following Divisions:

  • 041 - Core activities: working time in construction activities
  • 042 - Related activities: looking for work/setting up business in construction activities in household enterprise
  • 043 - Travel related to construction activities of households
  • 049 - Work for household in construction activities n.e.c.

Explanatory note

- All activities done in relation to construction activities by household enterprises either for income or for own capital formation
- Activities performed in relation to acquiring inputs/supplies for construction work
- Participation in meetings/training and studies directly related to one’s work in construction activities
- Activities related to seeking employment or the setting up of a business are included in this major division
- Travel to and from the workplace
Note: In these divisions of activities it is assumed that working time arrangements are generally more informal or flexible compared to those in the formal sector. Thus, this major division does not include specific divisions for short breaks and for lunch breaks. Activities associated with such breaks from work are classified in the corresponding class; for example, eating snack/meals is classified under 15121- Eating meals/snack.

Exclusions: Minor repairs performed on own dwelling, farm sheds, fences etc. is not considered as capital formation and is classified under 06113- Do-it-yourself decoration, maintenance and small repairs.

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