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Detailed structure and explanatory notes

ISIC Rev.3 code 3190


Changes have been made to the original printed version. Check the Registry for details.
Last change: 4/9/1996


  • Tabulation Category: D - Manufacturing
  • Division: 31 - Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.
  • Group: 319 - Manufacture of other electrical equipment n.e.c.
  • Class: 3190 - Manufacture of other electrical equipment n.e.c.

Explanatory note

This class includes manufacture of:
- electrical ignition or starting equipment of a kind used for spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustion engines: ignition magnetos, magneto-dynamos, ignition coils, sparking plugs, glow plugs, starter motors, generators (dynamos, alternators), cut-outs, voltage regulators, etc.; cranking motors.
- ignition wiring sets and wiring harnesses of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft, ships and other machinery.
- electrical lighting or signalling equipment specialized for use on cycles and motor vehicles: headlamps (other than sealed beam lamp units) and lamps or lights for parking, warning, turning, inspecting interior lighting, external indicators for taxis, police, ambulances, etc.
- sound signalling devices such as horns, sirens and other electrical sound signalling appliances; other electrically activated sound or visual signalling apparatus (e.g. bells, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms).
- windscreen wipers and electrical defrosters and demisters.
- dynamos for cycles.
- electrical signalling, safety or traffic control equipment for motorways, roads or streets; railways and tramways; inland waterways, ports and harbours; and airports.
- electro-magnets; electro-magnetic or permanent magnet chucks, clutches, brakes, couplings, clamps or lifting heads.
- electrical insulators, except of glass or ceramics; insulating fittings for electrical machines or equipment, except of ceramics or plastics; carbon or graphite electrodes; electrical conduit tubing and joints for such tubing, of base metal lined with insulating material.
- electrical machines and apparatus not elsewhere classified: particle accelerators, signal generators, mine detectors, electrical mine detonators, defrosters and demisters with electrical resistors for aircraft, ships, trains and other vehicles, and other electrical machines and apparatus.
- electronic engine parts.
- electronic equipment not elsewhere classified.

Exclusions: Manufacture of glass envelopes for lamps is classified in class 2610 (Manufacture of glass and glass products).
Manufacture of electrically operated hand-held spray guns is classified in class 2919 (Manufacture of other general purpose machinery).
Manufacture of electric lawn-mowers is classified in class 2921 (Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery).
Manufacture of electric razors is classified in class 2930 (Manufacture of domestic appliances n.e.c.).
Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes (including cold cathode valves) is classified in class 3210.
Manufacture of electrically operated hand-held medical or dental instruments is classified in class 3311 (Manufacture of medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances).

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