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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.2 code 48262

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codeProduct description 
48262Abrasion-testing apparatus for plastics, rubber or textiles 
48262Bending test machines for testing industrial materials 
48262Break-load testing machines and mechanical appliances for paper or paperboard 
48262Brinell hardness machines 
48262Bursting strength-testers for papers 
48262Compressibility-testing machines for industrial materials 
48262Concrete-testing apparatus 
48262Ductility-testing machines 
48262Dynamometers for testing properties of industrial materials 
48262Elasticity-testing machines for textiles, rubber or plastics 
48262Extensibility-testing machines for industrial materials 
48262Extensometers for industrial materials 
48262Fatigue-testing machines 
48262Fold-testing machines for metal sheets, wire, paper 
48262Hardness-testing machines, mechanical, for testing industrial materials 
48262Impact test machinery for testing industrial materials 
48262Indentation machines for testing metal hardness 
48262Knoop hardness machines 
48262Linoleum-testing machines 
48262Metal-testing machines and appliances (excl. X-ray apparatus) 
48262Meters, elasticity, for rubber or plastics 
48262Monotron hardness-testing machines 
48262Paper (incl. paperboard) -testing machines 
48262Pendulum hardness test machines 
48262Plastics-testing machines 
48262Pressure test machinery for testing metals 
48262Rebound-testing machines for metals, plastics or rubber 
48262Reversal torsional machines, for testing metals 
48262Rockwell hardness machines 
48262Rubber-testing machines 
48262Rupture resistance-testing machines for textiles 
48262Shearing test machines, for industrial materials 
48262Shore hardness machines 
48262Strength-testing machines for industrial materials 
48262Strip testers for textile materials 
48262Surface hardness-measuring instruments for finished foundry moulds 

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