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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.2 code 35490

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codeProduct description 
35490"Champagne white" (i.e., finely ground natural calcium carbonate) 
35490"Grey (black) oxide", powder, being a mixture of monoxide (65% to 80%) and lead metal 
35490"Lead dust" (i.e., grey oxide) 
35490Accelerators, rubber, prepared 
35490Additives, prepared, for cements, mortars or concretes 
35490Agents to produce non-slip and anti-snag finishes, for textile finishing 
35490Alkylated diphenylamines, mixed for use as antioxidizing agents for rubber or plastics 
35490Alkylbenzenes, mixed (excl. products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar and similar products) 
35490Alkylnaphthalenes, mixed (excl. products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar and similar products) 
35490Alumina, soluble 
35490Aluminium hydroxide in colloidal solution 
35490Aluminium naphthenate 
35490Ammonia in alcoholic solution 
35490Anti-acid additives for cements, mortars or concretes with a basis of sodium or potassium silicate and sodium or potassium fluorosilicate 
35490Anti-ageing agents for rubber 
35490Anti-crease preparations for textile finishing 
35490Anti-oxidizing preparations for rubber or plastics 
35490Anti-rust preparations (excl. those based on lubricants) 
35490Anti-rust preparations containing amines as active constituents 
35490Anti-rust preparations, based on phosphoric acid 
35490Anti-scaling compounds 
35490Anti-shrink preparations for textile finishing 
35490Anti-slip transmission belt preparations 
35490Barium naphthenate 
35490Binders, prepared, for use in the paper, paperboard or leather industries 
35490Bromine in acetic acid solution 
35490Cakes, alkaline (i.e., intermediate products of the manufacture of chlortetracycline) 
35490Calcium carbonate, natural, finely ground ("champagne white") 
35490Calcium citrate, crude 
35490Calcium naphthenate 
35490Calcium tartrate, crude 
35490Carbides, metal, mixtures of, non-agglomerated 
35490Carbon chloride oxide dissolved in toluene or benzene 
35490Carbon, activated, adsorbent 
35490Carbon, activated, decolourizing 
35490Carbon, activated, depolarizing 
35490Carbonyl chloride dissolved in toluene or benzene 
35490Catalysts for polycondensation reactions 
35490Catalysts, free radical 
35490Catalysts, ionic 

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