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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 6592

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codeActivity description 
6592Acceptance companies 
6592Agencies of foreign banks (i.e., international trade financing) 
6592Agreement Corporations (i.e., international trade financing) 
6592Agricultural credit institutions, making loans or extending credit (except real estate or sales financing) 
6592Agricultural lending (except real estate or sales financing) 
6592Automobile sales finance company 
6592Business financing companies 
6592Buying income tax refunds 
6592Commercial credit company 
6592Commercial mortgage companies 
6592Commodity Credit Corporation 
6592Conditional sales finance companies 
6592Consumer finance companies 
6592Consumer loan companies 
6592Credit agencies, n.e.c. 
6592Credit agencies, other 
6592Credit card companies 
6592Credit card issuing 
6592Credit company, commercial 
6592Credit institutions, agricultural 
6592Direct working capital financing 
6592Edge Act Corporations (i.e., international trade financing) 
6592Export-Import banks (i.e., international trade financing) 
6592Factoring accounts receivable 
6592Factoring companies 
6592Farm credit corporation 
6592Farm mortgage companies 
6592Farmers Home Administration 
6592Federal government lending agency 
6592Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 
6592Federal Intermediate Credit Banks 
6592Federal Land Banks 
6592Federal National Mortgage Association 
6592Financing of dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers' organizations 
6592General and industrial loan institutions 
6592Government business financing companies and agencies 
6592Government lending agency 
6592Government National Mortgage Association 
6592Industrial banks (i.e., known as), non-depository 
6592Industrial credit company 

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