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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 5030

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codeActivity description 
5030Accessories and parts, automobile, retail store 
5030Accessories and parts, motor vehicle, wholesale (except tires and tubes) 
5030Air-conditioning equipment, automobile, sale and installation, retail 
5030Auto and home supplies, retail 
5030Auto parts retailing 
5030Auto parts used, wreckers, wholesale 
5030Auto parts wholesale 
5030Automobile accessories (except tires, tubes), wholesale 
5030Automobile accessory dealers, retail 
5030Automobile air-conditioning equipment, sale and installation, retail 
5030Automobile battery dealers, retail 
5030Automobile glass wholesale 
5030Automobile parts and accessories, wholesale (except tires and tubes) 
5030Automobile parts dealers, retail 
5030Automobile parts, used (recyclers), retail 
5030Automobile parts, used, wholesale 
5030Automobile tire dealers, retail 
5030Automobile tires and tubes, wholesale 
5030Automotive accessories and parts, secondhand, retail store 
5030Automotive accessories, new, wholesale 
5030Automotive air-conditioners, new, wholesale 
5030Automotive engines, new, wholesale 
5030Automotive parts and accessories stores selling primarily to other businesses but open to the public 
5030Automotive parts and accessories, combinations of, wholesale 
5030Automotive parts dealers, secondhand, retail store 
5030Automotive parts, new, wholesale 
5030Automotive stampings, new, wholesale 
5030Automotive supplies, new, wholesale 
5030Batteries, automotive, new, wholesale 
5030Batteries, automotive, retail 
5030Battery dealers, automobile, retail 
5030Bodies, automotive, wholesale 
5030Bodies, truck, wholesale 
5030Body parts, automobile wreckers, wholesale 
5030Combination of automotive parts and accessories, wholesale 
5030Engine electrical equipment, automotive, new, wholesale 
5030Engines, motor vehicle, wholesale 
5030Filters (i.e., air, oil), motor vehicle, wholesale 
5030Glass, automobile, wholesale 
5030Home and auto supply stores 

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