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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 4520

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codeActivity description 
4520Above-ground swimming pools, residential, installation 
4520Abutment, construction, general contractors 
4520Acid plants, construction 
4520Additions to residences, general contractors 
4520Administration building construction, general contractors 
4520Aeroplane hangars, construction 
4520Air terminals, construction 
4520Airport construction (except building) 
4520Airport runway construction, general contractors 
4520Alley construction, general contractors 
4520Aluminum plant construction, general contractors 
4520Aluminum siding, installation 
4520Ammonium plants, construction 
4520Amusement and recreational buildings, construction 
4520Angelstone, installation 
4520Antennas (towers), construction 
4520Anti-wave, anti-erosion and land reclamation works 
4520Apartment building construction, general contractors 
4520Apartment building, construction 
4520Apartments and other multiple housing, construction 
4520Aqueduct construction, general contractors 
4520Architectural sheet metal work, contractors 
4520Architectural stone, installation 
4520Arena, construction 
4520Armouries, construction 
4520Artesian wells, construction 
4520Artificial turf, installation 
4520Asphalt coating and sealing, parking lots and driveways 
4520Asphalt paving (e.g., roads, public sidewalks, streets), contractors 
4520Asphalt paving contractors (driveways and parking lots) 
4520Asphalt paving, highways 
4520Asphalt roof shingles, installation 
4520Asphalting of private driveways and private parking areas, contractors 
4520Athletic field construction, general contractors 
4520Auditorium construction, general contractors 
4520Avalanche protection, construction 
4520Bakers' oven construction, general contractors 
4520Balconies, precast, concrete, installation 
4520Bank building construction, general contractors 
4520Barracks, construction 

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