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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 3312

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codeActivity description 
3312Abrasion testing machines, manufacturing 
3312Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace type, manufacturing 
3312Accelerometers (except aerospace type), manufacturing 
3312Acidity (i.e., pH) instruments, laboratory analysis type, manufacturing 
3312Actinometers, meteorological, manufacturing 
3312Aeronautical navigational systems, electronic, manufacturing 
3312Aeronautical systems and instruments (except electronic navigational), manufacturing 
3312Aeronautical systems and instruments, electronic navigational, manufacturing 
3312Aeronautical systems and instruments, manufacturing 
3312Air flow controllers (except valves), air-conditioning and refrigeration, manufacturing 
3312Air traffic control radar systems and equipment, manufacturing 
3312Airborne navigational systems, manufacturing 
3312Aircraft electrical equipment repair (except radio) 
3312Aircraft engine instruments, manufacturing 
3312Aircraft flight instrument repair (except electrical) 
3312Aircraft flight instruments (except engine instruments), manufacturing 
3312Airframe equipment instruments, manufacturing 
3312Airspeed instruments (aeronautical), manufacturing 
3312Alidades, surveying, manufacturing 
3312Alignment equipment, motor vehicle wheel, manufacturing 
3312Alternator and generator testers, manufacturing 
3312Altimeters, aeronautical, manufacturing 
3312Amino acid analyzers, laboratory type, manufacturing 
3312Ampere-hour meters, manufacturing 
3312Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics, manufacturing 
3312Anemometers, manufacturing 
3312Angle-of-attack instrumentation, manufacturing 
3312Angle-of-yaw instrumentation, manufacturing 
3312Appliance controls, manufacturing 
3312Appliance regulators (except switches), manufacturing 
3312Artificial horizon instrumentation, manufacturing 
3312Audio-frequency oscillators, manufacturing 
3312Audiometers (except medical), manufacturing 
3312Audiometers, manufacturing 
3312Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory type, manufacturing 
3312Automatic environmental controls and regulators (e.g., heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration), manufacturing 
3312Automotive emissions testing equipment, manufacturing 
3312Automotive engine, electrical diagnostic equipment, manufacturing 
3312Balances and scales, laboratory type, manufacturing 
3312Balancing equipment (except wheels), manufacturing 

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