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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 3311

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codeActivity description 
3311Abrasive points, wheels and disks, dental, manufacturing 
3311Anesthesia apparatus, manufacturing 
3311Ankle supports, orthopedic, manufacturing 
3311Arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic (except infra-red, ultra-violet), manufacturing 
3311Arch supports, orthopedic, manufacturing 
3311Artificial dentures made to order for dental 
3311Artificial limbs, manufacturing 
3311Artificial teeth, manufacturing 
3311Atomizers, medical, manufacturing 
3311Autoclaves, dental, manufacturing 
3311Autoclaves, laboratory type, manufacturing 
3311Beds, hospital, manufacturing 
3311Belts, surgical, post natal, posture, manufacturing 
3311Biopsy instruments and equipment, manufacturing 
3311Blood pressure apparatus, manufacturing 
3311Blood transfusion equipment, manufacturing 
3311Bone drills, manufacturing 
3311Bone plates and screws, manufacturing 
3311Bone rongeurs, manufacturing 
3311Braces, elastic, manufacturing 
3311Braces, orthopaedic appliances, manufacturing 
3311Braces, orthopedic, manufacturing 
3311Bridges, custom made in dental laboratories 
3311Broaches, dental, manufacturing 
3311Bronchoscopes, manufacturing 
3311Burs, dental, manufacturing 
3311Cabinets, dental, manufacturing 
3311Cannulae, manufacturing 
3311Carbon arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic (except infra-red, ultra-violet), manufacturing 
3311Cardiodynameters, manufacturing 
3311Cardiographs, manufacturing 
3311Cardiophones, electric, manufacturing 
3311Cardioscopes, manufacturing 
3311Cardiotachometers, manufacturing 
3311Catheters, manufacturing 
3311Cervical collars, manufacturing 
3311Cervical supports, manufacturing 
3311Chairs, dentist, manufacturing 
3311Chairs, hydraulic, barber and beauty shop, manufacturing 
3311Clamps, surgical, manufacturing 

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