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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 2919

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codeActivity description 
2919Absorbers, gas, manufacturing 
2919Aftercoolers (i.e., heat exchangers), manufacturing 
2919Air curtains, manufacturing 
2919Air purification equipment, stationary, manufacturing 
2919Air scrubbing systems, manufacturing 
2919Air washers (i.e., scrubbers), manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioners, motor vehicle, manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioning and warm air heating combination units, manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioning compressors (except motor vehicle), manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioning condensers and condensing units, manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioning equipment (except motor vehicle), manufacturing 
2919Air-conditioning units (e.g., window, travel trailer, motor home), manufacturing 
2919Artists' air brush, manufacturing 
2919Autoclaves, industrial type, manufacturing 
2919Baby scales, manufacturing 
2919Bag opening, filling and closing machines, manufacturing 
2919Balances (except laboratory), manufacturing 
2919Baling machines (e.g., scrap metal, paper), manufacturing 
2919Bathroom scales, manufacturing 
2919Beer cooling and dispensing equipment, manufacturing 
2919Blower filter units, manufacturing 
2919Bottle washers, packaging machinery, manufacturing 
2919Bottling machinery (e.g., washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, labelling), manufacturing 
2919Brake burnishing and washing machines, manufacturing 
2919Bread wrapping machines, manufacturing 
2919Canning machinery, manufacturing 
2919Capping, sealing and lidding packaging machinery, manufacturing 
2919Carpet and floor cleaning equipment, electric, manufacturing 
2919Carton filling machines, manufacturing 
2919Central vacuuming systems, commercial type, manufacturing 
2919Centrifuges, industrial, manufacturing 
2919Centrifuges, laboratory type, manufacturing 
2919Change making machines, manufacturing 
2919Chemical fume hoods, manufacturing 
2919Cigarette vending machines, manufacturing 
2919Coding, dating and imprinting packaging machinery, manufacturing 
2919Coin-operated vending machines, manufacturing 
2919Columns, fractionating, manufacturing 
2919Compressors, motor vehicle air-conditioning, manufacturing 
2919Compressors, refrigeration and air-conditioning (except motor vehicle), manufacturing 

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