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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 2423

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codeActivity description 
2423Absorbent cotton, sterilized, manufacturing 
2423Acetylsalicylic acid, manufacturing 
2423Adhesive tape, medical, manufacturing 
2423Adrenal derivatives, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Adrenal medicinal preparations, manufacturing 
2423Agar culture media, manufacturing 
2423Agar-agar grinding, manufacturing 
2423Aggressins (except in vitro), manufacturing 
2423Allergenic extracts (except diagnostic substances), manufacturing 
2423Allergens, manufacturing 
2423Amalgams, dental, manufacturing 
2423Amphetamines, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Analgesic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Anesthetic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Anesthetics, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Angiourographic diagnostic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antacid preparations, manufacturing 
2423Anthelmintic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antibacterial finishing, textile products 
2423Antibacterial preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antibiotic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antibiotics (including veterinary), manufacturing 
2423Antibiotics, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Anticholinergics, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Anticonvulsants, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Antidepressant preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antidepressants, uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Antifungus finishing, textile products 
2423Antigens, manufacturing 
2423Antihistamine preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antineoplastic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antipyretic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antiseptic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antiserums, manufacturing 
2423Antispasmodic preparations, manufacturing 
2423Antitoxins, manufacturing 
2423Antivenoms, manufacturing 
2423Applicators, cotton tipped, manufacturing 
2423Ascorbic acid (i.e., vitamin C), uncompounded, manufacturing 
2423Astringent preparations, manufacturing 

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