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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 2101

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codeActivity description 
2101Absorbent paper stock, manufacturing 
2101Asphalt paper, made in paper mills 
2101Binders' board, manufacturing 
2101Bond paper, made in paper mills 
2101Book paper, coated, made from purchased paper 
2101Book paper, coated, made in paper mills 
2101Boxboard paperboard stock, manufacturing 
2101Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated, made from purchased paper 
2101Bristol board stock, manufacturing 
2101Bristol paper stock, manufacturing 
2101Building paper stock, manufacturing 
2101Cardboard stock, manufacturing 
2101Cardboard, laminated or surface coated, made from purchased paperboard 
2101Chemical wood pulp, manufacturing 
2101Chipboard (i.e., paperboard) stock, manufacturing 
2101Cigarette paper, made in paper mills 
2101Coated and treated paper products, made from purchased paper 
2101Coated and treated paper, made in a paper mill 
2101Coated paper, made in paper mills 
2101Coated, laminated or treated paperboard, made in paperboard mills 
2101Coating purchased paper for non-packaging applications (except photosensitive paper) 
2101Coating purchased paper for packaging applications 
2101Combined pulp and paper mills 
2101Construction paper, school and art, made in paper mills 
2101Container board stock, manufacturing 
2101Containers (e.g., boxes), made in paperboard mills 
2101Corrugated boxes, made in paperboard mills 
2101Corrugating medium, manufacturing 
2101Cotton fibre paper stock, manufacturing 
2101Crepe paper, made from purchased paper 
2101De-inking plants 
2101De-inking recovered paper 
2101Diapers, disposable, made in paper mills 
2101Facial tissues, made in paper mills 
2101Felts, asphalt, made in paper mills 
2101Fine paper stock, manufacturing 
2101Flexible packaging sheet materials (except foil-paper laminates), made by coating or laminating purchased paper 
2101Folding boxboard stock, manufacturing 
2101Folding boxes, made in paperboard mills 
2101Glassine wrapping paper, made in paper mills 

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