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Alphabetical index for ISIC Rev.3 code 1110

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codeActivity description 
1110Absorption plant, natural gas 
1110Battery operators (petroleum industry) 
1110Bituminous oil sand mining for oil extraction 
1110Bituminous sand and oil shale digging 
1110Butane (natural) production 
1110Butane gas liquid, mining 
1110Casing-head butane and propane production 
1110Cleaning plant, natural gas 
1110Combustion chamber natural gas processing plant 
1110Condensate gas liquid, mining 
1110Condensate, cycle, natural gas production 
1110Crude oil (bituminous sands) extracting 
1110Crude oil (heavy oil) extracting 
1110Crude oil (tar sands) extracting 
1110Crude oil production 
1110Crude oil, conventional production, mining 
1110Crude oil, conventional, secondary recovering 
1110Crude oil, conventional, waterflood recovering 
1110Crude oil, light and medium, mining 
1110Crude oil, upgrading (heavy crude to crude) 
1110Crude petroleum and natural gas industry 
1110Crude petroleum production 
1110Crude petroleum well, conventional 
1110Crude petroleum, light and medium, mining 
1110Cycle condensate production 
1110Drilling, well, petroleum, oil company (except contract) 
1110Ethane (natural) production 
1110Fractionating natural gas liquids 
1110Gas (natural) production 
1110Gas plant, liquid (from natural gas) 
1110Gas well, natural 
1110Gases, liquefied petroleum, production 
1110Gasoline, natural, production 
1110Heavy crude oil extracting 
1110Heavy oil in place, solution gas drive recovering 
1110Heavy oil, thermal in situ recovering 
1110Helium content from natural gas, recovery of 
1110Isobutane (natural) production 
1110Kerogen processing 
1110Liquefaction and regasification of natural gas for purposes of transport at mine site 

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