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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 48253

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codeProduct description 
48253Analysers for gas or smoke 
48253Balances, torsion, for measuring the surface or interfacial tension of liquids 
48253Blood-testing instruments, laboratory-type 
48253Bomb calorimeters 
48253Calorimeters (excl. industrial calorimeters connected to regulating apparatus) 
48253Calorimeters, industrial (excl. those connected to regulating apparatus) 
48253Cloud-point apparatus 
48253Cold-point apparatus 
48253Combustion apparatus for gas analysis 
48253Consistency-determining apparatus for greases and tars 
48253Cryoscopes (excl. laboratory glassware) 
48253Detectors, firedamp (i.e., methane) 
48253Detectors, smoke, electronic, fitted with a graduated indicator or recording system (excluding those fitted solely with an alarm) 
48253Dirt-content-determining apparatus, non-electric, for testing greases and tars 
48253Drop-point apparatus for oils 
48253Dust-analysis apparatus for gases 
48253Ebullioscopes (excl. laboratory glassware) 
48253Electrophoretic analysis instruments 
48253Engler viscometers 
48253Explosion apparatus for gas analysis 
48253Exposure densitometers 
48253Exposure meters 
48253Exposure photometers 
48253Exposure temperature meters, photoelectric 
48253Flashpoint apparatus for mineral oils 
48253Flow-point apparatus for mineral oils 
48253Fluoroscopes, ultraviolet 
48253Gas analysis apparatus 
48253Gas detection apparatus 
48253Heating calorimeters, Berthelot 
48253Ice calorimeters, Bunsen's 
48253Interfacial tension-measuring instruments for liquids 

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