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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 48232

38 records foundClick here to Search the Index
codeProduct description 
48232Abacuses (excl. toy) 
48232Adding and subtracting devices, pocket-type, operated with a stylus 
48232Bows, spring (drawing instruments) 
48232Calculating instruments based on the slide-rule or other mathematical calculating principle (excl. calculating and accounting machines) 
48232Calculators, disc or cylindrical 
48232Compasses, beam 
48232Compasses, carpenters' 
48232Compasses, draughtsmen's 
48232Compasses, drawing 
48232Compasses, reduction 
48232Co-ordinatographs (excl. photogrammetric), non-electric 
48232Curves (drawing instruments) 
48232Dividers (drawing instruments) 
48232Dotting wheels 
48232Drafting machines (incl. those incorporating automatic data processing machines) 
48232Drawing sets (incl. those in a case) 
48232Exposure-calculating discs and rulers 
48232Instruments, drafting 
48232Instruments, drawing 
48232Instruments, marking-out (excl. tools used in graphic arts) 
48232Pantographs, copying 
48232Pens for mathematical drawing 
48232Rulers, drawing 
48232Rules, parallel 
48232Scribers, marking-out 
48232Set squares 
48232Squares (drawing or marking-out instruments) 
48232Stencils (drawing instruments) 
48232Surface plates (marking-out instruments) 
48232Triangles (drawing instruments) 
48232T-squares (drawing instruments) 
48232V-blocks for supporting cylindrical work pieces (marking-out instruments) 
48232X-blocks for supporting cylindrical work pieces (marking-out instruments)