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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 48211

38 records foundClick here to Search the Index
codeProduct description 
48211Altimeters, navigational 
48211Artificial horizons (air navigational instruments) 
48211Asdic sounding equipment 
48211Azimuths, navigational 
48211Climbing speed indicators (air navigational instruments) 
48211Compasses, binnacle 
48211Compasses, direction-finding 
48211Compasses, gyromagnetic 
48211Compasses, gyroscopic 
48211Compasses, magnetic 
48211Compasses, marine 
48211Compasses, navigational 
48211Compasses, position-finding 
48211Compasses, surveyors' 
48211Course-recording apparatus, navigational 
48211Diving speed indicators (air navigational instruments) 
48211Echo-sounding equipment 
48211Gyropilots, marine or air 
48211Horizons, artificial 
48211Indicators, air speed, navigational 
48211Indicators, banking and turning, for aircraft 
48211Indicators, climbing or diving speed, for aircraft 
48211Leads, deep-sea, hand- or winch-operated 
48211Logs, ships', automatic 
48211Logs, taffrail 
48211Navigational instruments and apparatus 
48211Pilots, automatic, marine or air 
48211Pitometer logs 
48211Sonar equipment 
48211Sounding equipment, navigational 
48211Sounding instruments for marine navigation 
48211Ultrasonic sounding or detecting equipment (excl. for medical use)