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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 48110

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codeProduct description 
48110Accelerators, electron, X-ray producing 
48110Accelerators, particle, X-ray producing 
48110Anemometers, ionization 
48110Applicators for X-ray apparatus 
48110Betatrons, X-ray-producing 
48110Cameras, diffraction, X-ray 
48110Casings, protective, for X-ray tubes 
48110Centring devices, electric incandescent, for X-ray apparatus 
48110Chairs, radiological examination or treatment 
48110Chairs, X-ray 
48110Computer tomography X-rays apparatus 
48110Decks, control, radiological 
48110Diagnostic apparatus, X-ray 
48110Fire alarms incorporating ionization chamber smoke detectors 
48110Fire-alarms incorporating smoke detectors, containing a radioactive substance 
48110Fluoroscopic apparatus 
48110Gauges, thickness, beta- or gamma-ray 
48110Generators, high tension, radiological 
48110Intensifying screens, X-ray 
48110Ionisation anemometers 
48110Localizers for X-ray apparatus 
48110Panels, control, radiological 
48110Radio-cobalt therapy apparatus 
48110Radiographic examination apparatus 
48110Radiological apparatus for industrial, medical, dental or veterinary use (excl. X-ray apparatus) 
48110Radiological apparatus, therapeutic (excl. X-ray apparatus) 
48110Radiophotographic apparatus 
48110Radioscopic examination apparatus 
48110Radiotherapy apparatus (excl. X-ray apparatus) 
48110Radiotherapy X-ray apparatus 
48110Radium therapy apparatus 
48110Screens, protective, radiologists' (lead-covered or lead-glass) 
48110Screens, radioscopic or radiological 
48110Shields, X-ray, protective (lead-covered or leadglass) 
48110Smoke detector alarms containing a radioactive substance 
48110Tables, radiological examination or treatment 
48110Thickness gauges, beta or gamma-ray 
48110Tubes, X-ray 
48110X-ray apparatus, for industrial, medical, dental or veterinary use 
48110X-ray control panels 

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