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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 38560

80 records foundClick here to Search the Index
codeProduct description 
38560Abacuses, toy 
38560Accordions, toy 
38560Archery sets, toy 
38560Armaments, toy 
38560Balloons, toy 
38560Balls, toy 
38560Bats, baseball or cricket, toy 
38560Bedding for dolls' houses 
38560Billiards sets, toy 
38560Books, toy, consisting essentially of pictures or models for cutting out and assembly 
38560Books, toy, containing "stand-up" or movable figures 
38560Catapults, toy 
38560Chemistry sets, toy 
38560Cinematographs, toy 
38560Clocks, toy 
38560Coffee sets, toy 
38560Counting frames, toy 
38560Cowboy outfits, toy 
38560Diabolo spools and sticks 
38560Drums, toy 
38560Engines, internal combustion piston, miniature 
38560Engines, steam, for toys or models 
38560Farmyard sets, toy 
38560Furniture, toy 
38560Gardening sets, toy 
38560Golf sets, toy 
38560Gramophones, toy 
38560Guns, toy 
38560Hockey sticks, toy 
38560Hoops, toy 
38560Horns, toy 
38560Houses, dolls' 
38560Indian outfits, toy 
38560Irons, electric, toy 
38560Kites, toy 
38560Knitting sets, toy 
38560Lanterns, magic, toy 
38560Marbles, toy 
38560Microscopes, toy (incl. microscope sets) 

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