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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 34400

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codeProduct description 
34400Abietic acids 
34400Alkali resinates 
34400Aluminium resinate 
34400Animal black (incl. spent animal black) 
34400Bauxite, activated 
34400Benzyl abietate 
34400Benzyl resinate 
34400Blood black 
34400Bone black (incl. spent bone black) 
34400Brais résineux 
34400Calcium resinate 
34400Clays, activated 
34400Cobalt resinate 
34400Copper resinate 
34400Creosote, wood 
34400p-Cymene, crude, regardless of source 
34400Diatomite, activated 
34400Dipentene, crude 
34400Earths, siliceous, activated 
34400Ethyl abietate 
34400Ethyl resinate 
34400Gum turpentine (i.e., gum spirits of turpentine) 
34400Gums, ester 
34400Gums, run 
34400Hoof black 
34400Horn black 
34400Ivory black 
34400Kieselguhr, activated 
34400Lead resinate 
34400Leather black 
34400Manganese resinate 
34400Methyl abietate 
34400Methyl alcohol, crude 
34400Methyl hydroabietate 
34400Methyl resinate 
34400Mineral products, natural, activated (excl. naturally active products which have not undergone any treatment to modify their structure) 
34400Minerals, volcanic, activated 
34400Mixtures of dihydroabietyl, tetrahydroabietyl and dehydroabietyl alcohols (abietyl alcohols) 

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