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Available Alternate Structures

Alternate structures are useful for analytical purposes, if the standard aggregation structure of the classification is not sufficient. These structures are usually based on complete building blocks (categories at a detailed level of the classification) to provide better comparability of data.
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  Classification   Alternate Structure   Language
 ISIC Rev.4  SNA data reporting   [English]    
    Information economy   [English]    
    Informal sector aggregates   [English]    
    Non-profit institutions sector   [English]    
 ISIC Rev.3.1  Information   [English]   [Español]
    Information and Communication Technology (ICT)   [English]   [Español]
    Informal sector aggregates   [English]   [Español]
 ISIC Rev.3  Energy   [English]    
    Tourism   [English]    
 CPC Ver.1.1  Financial services   [English] [Français]  
 CPC Ver.1.0  Financial services   [English]