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National Classifications

The following table lists national classifications (mostly for activities and products) for which basic information is available.
Follow the links to see information collected through the UN questionnaire on country practices in classifications and similar sources.

All countries
  • Africa
  •  (88 classifications)
  • North America
  •  (94 classifications)
  • South America
  •  (46 classifications)
  • Asia
  •  (225 classifications)
  • Europe
  •  (392 classifications)
  • Oceania
  •  (31 classifications)

    Select a region to see a list of countries for which information is available.

    Total number of classifications included: 878 (456 current and 422 previous classifications).

    Total number of countries covered: 155.

    Last update: Thursday, October 29, 2015 North America South America Africa Europe Oceania Asia