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National Classifications


Country / Area: Trinidad and Tobago

Classification category: Activity classifications

General information
1 (b)In which language(s) is the classification available?1. Different definition of manufacturing.
Petroleum refining and petrochemicals are treated as part of the Petroleum industry, while sugar refining are part of the Sugar industry.
2. Different definition of Distribution.
Relationship to international standards
3 (a)Is this classification based on (or linked to) an international standard classification? If yes, please describe.Central Statistical Office
Ministry of Planning and Development
3 (b)Is the classification structure identical to the international standard or, if not, how does it differ? (e.g. have additional levels been added to the international standard or have changes been made within the level of the international structure, such as aggregations or additional breakdowns)Peter Pariag
Senior Statistician
(868) 623-5117
E-mail: natincome@wow.net
3 (e)If no links to international classifications exist or no international standard is used, please state if there are plans to use international norms in the future.Yes, there are plans to further disaggregate the TTSNA to the level inherent in the ISIC Rev.3.
Classification uses
4 (a)Please state for which statistical purposes (surveys etc.) this classification is used and if there are users outside of the Statistical Office. Please indicate at which level the classification is used for data collection and for data publishing.National Accounts
Labour Statistics
Economic Indicators
Implementation / revision status
5 (d)Name of former (previous) national classification (full name in both national tongue and in English with acronyms in brackets, should be given)Yes, as appendices I the National Income Reports of Trinidad and Tobago.
5 (e)Please describe the link of the former classification to international classificationsFor some users the interpretation of Manufacturing when making international comparisons.
5 (g)Do conversion tables exist between the former and current classification?Board of Inland Revenue (V.A.T. Administration)
Central Bank
University of the West Indies.
5 (h)When was the former classification implemented?ISIC Rev. 2
Trinidad and Tobago System of Industrial Classification (TTSIC)
5 (i)Are statistical data still collected or published according to the former classification? Please indicate if this statistical data is collected or published by the Statistical Office or elsewhere.Yes.
Supporting documents
6 (a)Have national explanatory notes and/or guidelines been elaborated?None.

Source: UN questionnaire, 6/4/1999