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National Classifications

Country / Area: Netherlands Antilles

Classification category: Expenditure classifications

General information
1 (a)Name of the current national classification (full name in official national languages and in English with acronyms in brackets, should be given)Our Statistical Office prefers to wait for the revised Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG) to be published, as announced in the 1993 SNA Manual, before adopting it in our system. The current classification will then be linked to the new COFOG via a reclassification computer software.
1 (b)In which language(s) is the classification available?Apart from the fact that code numbers differ between the two classifications, the grouping of the functions is also different. Some examples are:
Housing and community development is 07.1 in COFOG and 96 in BENELUX.
Water supply affairs is 07.7 in COFOG and 55 in BENELUX classification.
Street lighting affairs is 07.4 in COFOG and 42 in the BENELUX code.
Recreational, cultural and religious affairs is 08 in COFOG, while in the BENELUX classification it appears in 3 different sub-groups 72, 73 and 75.
Relationship to international standards
3 (a)Is this classification based on (or linked to) an international standard classification? If yes, please describe.The Government Statistics Section of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) will be responsible for the elaboration and maintenance of the classification now used.
3 (b)Is the classification structure identical to the international standard or, if not, how does it differ? (e.g. have additional levels been added to the international standard or have changes been made within the level of the international structure, such as aggregations or additional breakdowns)Mrs. Maria Kops,
Government Statistics Section of the CBS
Telephone number: (599-9) 461-2921
E-mail address: cbscur@ibm.net
3 (e)If no links to international classifications exist or no international standard is used, please state if there are plans to use international norms in the future.As stated in question 3, the CBS is willing to adopt the complete COFOG classification as soon as the latest version becomes available.
Classification uses
4 (a)Please state for which statistical purposes (surveys etc.) this classification is used and if there are users outside of the Statistical Office. Please indicate at which level the classification is used for data collection and for data publishing.The aforementioned BENELUX classification is being used by the CBS only, for the purpose of classifying the government's income and expenditure by purpose and type. Formerly this classification was used in government budgets, but currently a new classification system is being used.
Implementation / revision status
5 (d)Name of former (previous) national classification (full name in both national tongue and in English with acronyms in brackets, should be given)Yes, this classification also contains explanatory notes and recommendations.
5 (e)Please describe the link of the former classification to international classificationsIn the government budgets it was often not only used as a means of classification, but it was combined with the item classification as far as the classification by type is concerned. By doing so, the classification became less suitable for National Accounts purposes. When the new classification was introduced in the budgets, the CBS had to reclassify the same by writing a separate computer programme for that purpose.
5 (g)Do conversion tables exist between the former and current classification?As mentioned in question 13, the CBS is currently the only user of this classification, since it is not longer used for non-statistical purposes (in the government budgets).
5 (h)When was the former classification implemented?The only alternative classification, as far as applicable to government data, is used in the budgets. Those are not suitable for use in the CBS.
5 (i)Are statistical data still collected or published according to the former classification? Please indicate if this statistical data is collected or published by the Statistical Office or elsewhere.Not tables as such but as a computer program making the conversion directly from the classification in the budgets.
Supporting documents
6 (a)Have national explanatory notes and/or guidelines been elaborated?The only classification ever used in national accounting in the Netherlands Antilles for classifying government expenditures and receipts by purpose and type since 1974, is the one indicated in question 1.
Contact information
7 (b)Contact address, phone number, e-mail or website for public information and inquiryThe Classification of the Expenditures and Receipts of the Government of Netherlands Antilles by Purpose (Function) and by Type, 1974 (no acronym).

Source: UN questionnaire, 6/4/1999