United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
10-13 December 2007, Cairo, Egypt

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 1-eProvisional agenda (English)   PDF47 KB
 1-aProvisional agenda (Arabic)   PDF126 KB
 2List of documents   ASP
 3List of participants   ASP
 4Final report   PDF117 KB
 5International Family of Economic and Social Classifications   PPS3779 KB
 6Overview of economic statistics and classifications in the ESCWA region [Arabic]   PPS6190 KB
 7Importance of coordination of industrial statistics in the Gulf region [Arabic]   PPS806 KB
 8ISIC and CPC revision process   PPS132 KB
 9ISIC Rev.4 - Main changes   PPS168 KB
 10ISIC Rev.4 – Application rules (Top-down method, Vertical integration, Outsourcing)   PPS267 KB
 10aExample for top-down method (Extract from ISIC Rev.4 introduction)   PDF19 KB
 11CPC Ver.2 - General issues   PPS240 KB
 12ICT, Information and Intellectual Property Products   PPS2539 KB
 13CPC Ver.2 - Main changes   PPS173 KB
 14Implementation of NACE Rev.2 and CPA 2008   PPS1826 KB
 15International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics (IRIS)   PPS461 KB
 16Use of economic classifications at appropriate detail level   PPS111 KB
 17ISIC Rev. 4 - Special-purpose groupings of ISIC/alternate aggregations and uses   PPS619 KB
 18ISIC and CPC implementation   PPS107 KB
 19Options for national implementation of ISIC   PPS167 KB
 20ISIC Rev.4 detailed changes - Section C (Manufacturing)   PPS251 KB
 21ISIC Rev.4 detailed changes - Section J (Information and communication)   PPS194 KB
 22Bahrain: Economic and Social Classifications used in the the Kingdom of Bahrain and monitoring of the difficulties [Arabic]   PPS89 KB
 23Palestine: Palestinian experience in the field of economic classifications [Arabic]   PPS135 KB
 24Oman: The application of concepts, terminology and statistical classifications in the Sultanate of Oman [Arabic]   PPS382 KB
 25Egypt: Updating the guidelines of the economic activities in accordance with ISIC Rev.4 [Arabic]   PPS59 KB
 26Lebanon: International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities in Lebanon [Arabic]   PPS216 KB
 27Tunisia: Classifications work in Tunisia   PDF21 KB
 Bk.1ISIC Rev.4 - Structure and explanatory notes (20 Nov. 2006) - English
(See http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cr/isic-4.asp for updated version.)
 Bk.2CPC Ver.2 - Structure and explanatory notes (15 May 2007)
(See http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cr/cpc-2.asp for updated version.)
 Bk.3Correspondence Table between ISIC Rev.4 and ISIC Rev.3.1 (revised 26.11.2007)   PDF355 KB
 Bk.4Report - United Nations Workshop on International Economic and Social Classifications, Beirut, 19-23 July 2004   PDF177 KB