United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
8-10 December 2003, New York

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List of Documents

 1Provisional Agenda   HTM16 KB
 2List of Documents   ASP
 3List of Participants   HTM36 KB
 4Final Report   HTM153 KB
 5ILO’s work with classifications   PDF168 KB
 6Experience of development and application of system of economic and social classifications in the official statistics of the Russian Federation   PDF85 KB
 7FAOSTAT2 Project and CountrySTAT   PDF389 KB
 8Report of the Technical Subgroup to the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications   PDF207 KB
 9Preparation of Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 4   PDF66 KB
 10Report on Comparability between NAICS and ISIC   PDF81 KB
 11Development of Tourism Statistics   PDF257 KB
 12FAO Draft Proposal for ISIC Rev 4.0   PDF191 KB
 13Extract from the Report of the Conference, Seventeenth International Conference of Labour Statisticians, Geneva 24 November - 3 December 2003   PDF106 KB
 14Implementation of international classifications   PDF100 KB
 15Towards the regional harmonization of Mercosur’s statistical classifications   PDF159 KB
 16Background paper on the trial International Classifications of Activities for Time-Use Statistics (ICATUS)   PDF256 KB
 17Report on UNSD activities since the last meeting of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications   PDF100 KB
 18Information note on work done by the World Bank relevant to revisions of COICOP and CPC   PDF75 KB
 7aFaostat2 project
(presentation supporting ESA/STAT/AC.94/7)
   PPS633 KB
 16aInternational Classification of Activities for Time-Use Statistics (ICATUS)
(presentation supporting ESA/STAT/AC.94/16)
   PPS123 KB
 17aReport on UNSD activities since the last meeting of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications
(presentation supporting ESA/STAT/AC.94/17)
   PPS1239 KB
 19The WHO Family of International Classifications   PPS2653 KB
 20The Current Situation of National Standard Classifications in Japan and Development of the the New System for the Revision   PPS149 KB
 Bk.1Classifying activities in a time-use survey   PDF198 KB
 Bk.2Requirements for product classifications used when making observations of household expenditures and when collecting price observations for and calculating a consumer price index, with possible implications for the Central Product Classification   PDF152 KB
 Bk.3Comparisons between OECD’s definitions of the scope of “Human Resources in Health” and those emerging from informal discussions between ILO and WHO officials   PDF154 KB
 Bk.4Preliminary comments to the UN Concepts paper for the development of ISIC, Rev.4: an ILO perspective on some methodological issues   PDF140 KB