Report on the Results of a Survey on Census Methods used by Countries in the 2010 Census Round

By United Nations Statistics Division, 2011.

In 2009 and early 2010, the United Nations conducted a survey to collect information on methods used by countries or areas in the planning and implementation of their 2010 round population and housing censuses. The survey also collected information on challenges that countries or areas faced or expect to face in the implementation of their censuses for the 2010 round as well as on aspects of the census process in which they may have expertise. The questionnaire used for conducting the survey had 28 questions seeking information on: (i) source of population and housing census data; (ii) cartography; (iii) method(s) of enumeration; (iv) census evaluation; (v) data processing; (vi) data dissemination; (vii) census budget and source of funding; and (viii) technical assistance required and areas of expertise. This report presents the main results of this survey.

[Working paper: UNSD/DSSB/1]