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The dissemination of French census results since 2009

1. Dissemination of census data
By the National Institute of Statistics (INSEE), France, 2010.

The dissemination of census results in France is annual since 2009. This distribution
takes place exclusively online, under the shape of varied products adapted to different
categories of users. Documentation and specific assistance are intended to make users
autonomous in their use of data. Dissemination products have been designed after
consultation of users, taking into account methodological characteristics of the census and
the opinion of the National Commission on Informatics and Freedoms, committee in charge
of monitoring respect for freedoms and privacy. On the second edition in 2010, products
have evolved to include early user feedback

(Paper presented at the Thirteenth Meeting of the Conference of European Statisticians, organized by ECE)

[Available in French and English]


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