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Post Enumeration Survey: 2002 Uganda Census

Jan Beise
Post Enumeration Surveys
By Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 2005.

Uganda conducted the Post Enumeration Survey (PES) in January 2003 to evaluate the
coverage and content errors of 2002 population and housing census. Two major domains
of study were selected namely; urban and rural. The rural domain was stratified into four
regions; Central, Eastern, Northern and Western. A total of 350 enumeration areas were
selected as primary sampling units (PSUs) using the probability proportional to size.
Highly experienced enumerators who worked during the census were retrained to collect
data on a few selected variables. For absolute independence, organizers ensured that the
enumerators worked in different areas from those covered during the main census.
A matching exercise was undertaken after data collection, which was basically aimed at
investigating whether the PES persons/households were enumerated during the census.
Unmatched records were then reconciled in the field with the main purpose of identifying
erroneous inclusions. The CSPRo software was used for data capture, verification and


UGA2005_PES.pdf UGA2005_PES.pdf (1.00 MB, 7.2K views)

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