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Botswana 2011 Population and Housing Census Project Document

Jan Beise
By Central Statistics Office, Botswana, 2009.

The CSO in collaboration and support from UNFPA embarked on the development
of a comprehensive Census Project Document that will also serve as source for
support and resource mobilization for all processes of the 2011 Census undertaking.
Botswana has a tradition of preparing project documents for the census. Census
project documents have been prepared for the 2001, 1991 and 1981 censuses. It is
hoped that the document will assist in resource mobilisation especially from
development partners to participate in this massive project during the current global
economic challenges.
This Document covers the evaluation of the 2001 census processes, the expected
structure of the 2011 National Census Secretariat, roles and responsibilities of
different census committees, the institutional capacity assessment of the CSO for a
successful conduct of the census in order to find response to needs’ requirements
and to proactively fill the gaps. The project document also provides different
strategies as census implementation guide and the needed Technical Assistance.
The Document provides recommendations to be implemented for the success of the
2011 Census.


2009BWA_ProjectDocument.pdf 2009BWA_ProjectDocument.pdf (1.00 MB, 33.1K views)

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