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Methodology of the Hong Kong 2006 Population By-census

Jan Beise
By Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, 2007.

The 2006 Population By-census was conducted in July to August 2006. The By-census provides a wealth of data on the socio-economic characteristics of the population in Hong Kong, thus allowing studies to be undertaken on various facets of the community.

This report provides an overview on how the 2006 Population By-census was conducted with detailed descriptions on various aspects from planning, to data collection, processing and dissemination. It describes the design, data collection method, operation procedures and techniques of the By-census. It also includes an assessment of the data quality.

This document is Volume II of the two part "Main Report". Volume I presents detailed analysis and interpretation of the results of the 2006 Population By-census.

[In Chinese and English]


2007HKGByCesnsusVol2FrontBackCover.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2FrontBackCover.pdf (480.00 KB, 4.5K views)
2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part1.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part1.pdf (1.00 MB, 6.8K views)
2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part2.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part2.pdf (1.00 MB, 5.8K views)
2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part3.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part3.pdf (1.00 MB, 7.7K views)
2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part4.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part4.pdf (1.00 MB, 5.4K views)
2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part5.pdf 2007HKGByCesnsusVol2Part5.pdf (1.00 MB, 8.5K views)

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