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Incorporating Gender Perspective in National Census and Surveys

Jan Beise
By Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2009.

In order to realize the aspirations of Vision 2030 goals, the Kenya Government is determined to mainstream gender into government policies, plans, budgets and programmes. The operationalization and strengthening of gender divisions in all ministries and state corporations is being implemented to achieve gender mainstreaming at all levels. Emphasis is put on engendering data collection and analysis in all areas of the economy. This is a deliberate effort to recognize and acknowledge various ways in which women and men contribute to the economy and society as a whole.

The planning and execution of census activities are spearheaded by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on behalf of the Government of Kenya in accordance with the Statistics Act 2006 of the Laws of Kenya. In order to strengthen the efforts in mainstreaming gender into all aspects of data collection and analysis, the KNBS has critically examined, added questions and modified the data collection tools to reflect a gender perspective.

Paper presented at the Global Forum on Gender Statistics, 26-28 January 2009, Accra, Ghana.


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