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Utilization of the 2001 Population Census data of Nepal

Jan Beise
Paper by Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal

Population censuses are taken to obtain information on the state of the population at a given point of time. It gives an opportunity to find out the total number of inhabitants for an area. The 2001 population census data of Nepal have been utilized in various fields of socio−economic sectors. It has been used to develop a set of benchmark data for different purposes. It has also provided data for small administrative areas of the country on population, housing and household facilities. The 2001 census data have been used to prepare frames for censuses and surveys. Sex disaggregated data on several topics included in the census have been helpful to address the current gender issues. It has provided detailed information on special groups like women, children, the aged and the disabled along with information on caste and ethnic groups of the country. These data have been extensively used by several interest groups for advocacy as well as for planning and monitoring purposes.

Paper presented at the 23rd Population Census Conference "Utilization of the 2000 and 2005 Rounds of Asia-Pacific Censuses", Christchurch, New Zealand, 16-18 April 2007.


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