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The 2007 census in Mozambique and its organization

Jan Beise
2. Legal framework for the census
This paper by Joao Dias Loureiro of the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica Mozambique describes the Third Population and Housing Census after independence which was conducted from 1st to 15th August 2007, ten years after the 1997 census. In Mozambique, the regular interval between censuses is of ten years. The 2007 census covered the whole country, and to assure the simultaneity of the census, a time reference for the Mozambique Census was established as 1st August 2007 (at zero hours). In 2007, the population of Mozambique is estimated at 20,366,795 inhabitants. The presentation will give an overview of the census 2007 and outline the administrative organization of the census which involved the creation of executive organs at the national, subnational, and local levels, since the execution of the census was decentralized.

Paper presented at the Seminar on recent experiences in Population and Housing Census, a side event of the 39th session of the Statistical Commission, New YOrk (26-29 Feb. 2008).


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