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A Comprehensive View of Capture Data Quality

Jan Beise
12. Quality assurance
This paper by Peter Smith and others presents a comprehensive view of data quality and how these approaches will be used in the US 2010 Census. The overall data quality problem is discussed in terms of five key characteristics (Inventory Control, Questionnaire Integrity, Image Quality, Processing Integrity, and Data Capture Accuracy) and four response modes (Paper, Telephone, Internet, and hand-held device). Selected characteristics and modes are discussed in terms of their relevance, issues, quality interpretation and techniques to address data quality. For each characteristic and mode topics to be addressed include response data characteristics, modeling, processing definition, metrics collection and analysis approach.

Paper presented at the Satellite Meeting on Innovative Methodologies for Censuses in the New Millennium of the 56th Session of the ISI, Lisboa, 31 August - 2 September 2007.


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