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Modelling Census Household Non-response

Jan Beise
This paper by Nargis Rahman and Shayla Goldring (UK Office for National Statistics) summarises the results of research into the factors associated with census household nonresponse. The UK, as other countries, uses information on non-response to inform enumeration strategy decisions. Analysis of non-response provided evidence that households in dwellings occupied by more than one household (known as multiple occupancy) will have a relatively high probability of not being enumerated. In order to target different types of area with different enumeration strategies it will be necessary to find or create a suitable, up-to-date area classification, which is highly correlated with the factors associated with non-response. This classification can then be used in the decision making process for allocating different enumeration methods to different types of area.

Paper presented at the Satellite Meeting on Innovative Methodologies for Censuses in the New Millennium of the 56th Session of the ISI, Lisboa, 31 August - 2 September 2007.


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