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Report on Census Publicity Research Study - Feb/Mar 2005

Jan Beise
This paper by Statistics South Africa is part of the research activities of the Research and Methodology component within the Population Census Inputs and Outputs division at Statistics South Africa. This research report relates to the Census Publicity Research project that was conducted during February and March 2005. This survey investigated respondents’ decision-making with regard to participation in population censuses. The survey was preceded by focus group discussions to inform the design of the questionnaire.

Some of the key questions that had to be answered by respondents through this research were:
- How do data providers interpret concepts such as privacy, confidentiality, disclosure, data sharing, and statistical purposes?
- How do different formats and modes of presentation influence their decisions on participation in censuses and surveys?
- What kinds of information about themselves they consider to be most sensitive?
- How do their reactions vary by population group, gender, and socio-economic status?


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