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Using emerging technologies: Getting the best results from paper based data capture

Jan Beise
This paper by Andy Tye and Mike Smethurst of DRS Data Services Limited reviews the tried and tested techniques of Census “Data collection/processing” via booklets/paper and also considers the latest emerging technology which is now available to census organisation to capture the data from paper based census forms. Although it is acknowledged that other non paper based data collection methods are being used in census, such as the use of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Internet, Telephone, etc., this paper specifically focuses on the collection and processing of Census data from the paper medium. There are four methods of traditional data collection from booklet/paper. New emerging technology is able to combine key features of these traditional techniques. This paper discusses some projects where these combined techniques are being used. This paper makes the following assumptions: The paper based forms are designed for purpose. A Control procedure is in place for the receiving of reports from the field and an initial Quality procedure is undertaken. All batches should have a fully auditable batch control sheet associated with them.

Paper presented at the Satellite Meeting on Innovative Methodologies for Censuses in the New Millennium of the 56th Session of the ISI, Lisboa, 31 August - 2 September 2007.


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