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The workshop will share the results of this project in the six target countries with other countries in the Africa region. Special attention is being given to the assessment of the statistical capacity to monitor the global SDG indicators and the development of strategic and implementation plans for the measurement of the national indicator framework. It aims to identify capacity development challenges and opportunities in order to successfully implement these strategic plans.


Participants of the six project countries will be joined by 10-15 countries of the Africa region. In general, two participants per country will be invited - one representative from the statistical agency and one representative from the department/office responsible for coordinating the SDG monitoring in the country. In addition, concerned international partner agencies will be invited.


The topics of the workshop will be

  • to raise awareness of the requirements for monitoring and measurement of the global SDG indicators, to provide an update on activities at global and regional levels and to review the status of global indicators and their reporting;
  • to share the results of the work in the target countries, in particular:
    • experiences and results from the national assessments of the statistical capacity to compile the global SDG indicators;
    • experiences in the development of national strategic implementation plans for the SDG monitoring and reporting;
    • progress made in the development and implementation of the national SDG indicator frameworks;
    • good practices regarding raising awareness, institutional arrangements and coordination within the national statistical systems;
  • review of the statistical capacity assessment methodology applied in the project countries and possible tools (i.e. PARIS21's ADAPT tool) for conducting the gap assessment, review of assessments conducted in other countries;
  • to discuss capacity development challenges and opportunities;
  • to discuss the development and implementation of the national indicator framework;
  • to discuss dissemination of SDG indicators and metadata (including national reporting platforms and SDMX);
  • to discuss the way forward in countries and links with other related national, regional and global efforts for SDG monitoring.

Contact details:

Logistical Arrangements:

Ms. Tanja Naumovski Egerton
United Nations Statistics Division
Department of Economics and Social Affairs
Tel: +1 917 367 5203

Substantive Arrangements:

Mr. Matthias Reister
United Nations Statistics Division
Department of Economics and Social Affairs
Tel:+1-917 367-7098

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